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"Tell me where it hurts, she’d say. Stop howling. Just calm down and show me where.
But some people can’t tell where it hurts. They can’t calm down. They can’t ever stop howling."

Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin (via barnesed)

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If you think of a stylish white woman, especially when she is thin, minimal ornamentation and neutral colors and “effortless” hair can be considered part of her coolness, transpose the lack of ornamentation, neutral beiges and greys, and under-styled hair on a fat woman or even a fat woman of color and I bet your bottom dollar that many would find her appearance lacking, “sloppy” even.

I find this outrageously unfair because if you have read any fashion magazine since the mid-nineties, there has been a place for minimalism and under-styling.

Is this place only for thin, white, girls? I surely don’t think so!


The Politics of Looking “Sloppy” (via kawahineaihonua)

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"Live every day with the confidence of a fifteen-year-old who’s smoked pot twice talking to a fifteen-year-old who’s only smoked pot once."

Mallory Ortberg needs to be stopped before she takes all the funny from everyone else and keeps it forever. (via antbf)

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